1 Year


Another year has come and gone. I pray that 2015 was filled with great memories spent with loved ones and the people that matter most. This past year was a special year for me and I thought I would take a minute of your time to share it with you and help me celebrate. 

As many of you know, on December 13th, 2014, I finished my Finance degree from Anderson School of Management at UNM. This day is a milestone in my life that I will always remember, not just because I finished my degree, but because I was surrounded by so many family and friends who supported me through those two years of school. 

On January 19th, 2015, I stepped out on another adventure to fulfill another dream. This dream was simple, help people. So I decided to take my two passions, helping people and finances and start my own financial planning company called Onward Financial. The vision is simple, create a company that focuses on providing independent, unbiased, educational financial help that is customized for you. 

I came into this industry wanting to change the perception that currently exists among many financial advisors and insurance salesmen today. Unlike many people in my industry who primarily focuses on selling you a product or creating accounts to impress their bosses, I am here for my clients. I believe that creating a customized independent financial strategy is the best way to reach your financial goals.

Making the decision to start my own company and rejecting four job offers from other finance firms was a huge risk for my family but one I was willing to take… Did I mention that this was a HUGE risk? Working for a big company offers certain benefits but taking a step back and evaluating the type of services that I wanted to provide for my clients it would not have been possible through these companies. 

Looking back one year later, I couldn’t be more satisfied about the decision I made to step out on my own. Independence has allowed me to walk my clients through a more comprehensive financial plan and help educate them along the way. My clients value this process to their plan. 

The other benefit of being independent has been the freedom and control of my time, facilitating more time spent with my family. This past year I was blessed to help coach two seasons of Beckett’s baseball teams, as well as offering availability to my wife and my kids to participate with the homeschooling that my wife and I have always wanted to do. Don’t get me wrong, I am working more than I ever have, but the hours don’t seem quite as long as they did before.

As I go into my second, what I ask of you is this… I have chosen to build my practice purely on referrals and not spend money and time towards marketing. You can be my greatest marketing team and if you’ll partner with me, I know that we can make this next year even better.

As I look forward to what is in store for my family and myself, I must stop and say thank you. Thank you for supporting my family and me as I continue to pursue my dreams. There is so much to be thankful for, and your support has kept me going.



Johnny Nuanes


Onward Financial, LLC

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E: johnny@onward.financial

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